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Thibus Trilingual software

Thibus trilingual software is the first Trilingual software which enables PCs to work with Sinhala, Tamil and English languages simultaneously in Sri Lanka.This software can use with any windows base applications. Users can use Sinhala and Tamil in their Word processor, Spread Sheets, Databases and DTP applications, Graphic applications, CAD, and Web applications. Thibus Trilingual Software is always compatible with the latest technological advancements such as ICTA UNICODE standards. Every user who use this software got life time warranty and life time customer support service. Not only warranty and support but also every user get free complete software training program.

User benefits

  • Support Wijesekara, Regenathan and phonetical key boards.
  • Excellent font types.36 Sinhala fonts and 11 Tamil fonts.
  • Comprehensive training program.
  • Can scalable character size 4pt to 1500pt and can change font properties.
  • Users can type “bandi akuru” very easily.
  • User can open every document with native languages and edit.
  • User gets complete user manuals and key board stickers.
  • Quick customer support service and on site installations.
  • Life time warranty.

Thibus word translator

This is complete electronic dictionary which enable users to find Sinhala, Tamil and English meanings of the user desired words. This dictionary consist millions of Sinhala, Tamil and English words. These words cover all the Financial, Legal, Medical, Marketing and every other field. This consist 100,000 English words, 120, 000 Sinhala words and 80 000 Tamil words.

User benefits

  • Over 300 000 words collection.
  • User can switch to Sinhala to Tamil, Tamil to sinhala, Sinhala to English, English to Sinhala, Tamil to English and English to Tamil terms.
  • Permitting wijesekara, reganathan or Phoneticle key boards.
  • Compatible with Thibus trilingual software.
  • Word searching capability.
  • Permits to Copy & past words or meanings to Microsoft applications.
  • Very friendly user interface and easy to use.
  • life time warranty and customer support service

Thibus Spell checker

Thibus Spell checker provides Sinhala and Tamil Spell checking facility to correct your Sinhala and Tamil typographical errors. Its intelligent suggestion mechanism helps you to correct your typographical errors in your document. It also eliminates "Na", "La" errors and Tamil “Na”, “La” in your Sinhala and Tamil documents. This software includes over 50 000 sinhala and Tamil words. This also contain Free customer support service and life time warranty.


Thibus sorting system

Thubus sorting system facilitates users to sort their access data base in to Sinhala alphabetic order. This is very first sinhala sorting system. This also contain Free customer support service and life time warranty. User can easily sort their database within very short time periods. This is the best solution to Sinhala sorting system ever.

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